Sherwood Forest Residential 2024


We have had another very active day today. With some of us not going to sleep until midnight last night and some of us waking up at 5am, the teachers were definitely ready for their morning coffee today!

We enjoyed a chilled morning in the lounge doing some colouring and watching the Robin Hood film. After the mammoth task of tidying the bedrooms and packing our bags, we were more than ready for our breakfast – some children had seconds and even thirds!

At 9.30 we got on the coach and did the 13-minute journey to Wheelgate park. When we arrived, we headed straight for the big outdoor play area and trampolines. We then went on a few rides before being treated to a VIP exclusive Owl flying experience! After visiting the rest of the theme park animals, we ate our picnic lunch then went into the HUGE indoor soft play area – even the teachers couldn’t resist this one! After that, we went into the other indoor area where we found more rides and the ‘Master Blaster’ ball shooting area (funnily enough the teachers didn’t fancy this one quite as much!). 

We have had an absolutely fantastic trip and we could not be prouder of the children for the character muscles and excellent behaviour they have displayed. We have received lots of positive feedback from the Sherwood Forest staff and even members of the public. 

Please remember that the children will be extremely tired this evening due to the lack of sleep and number of steps we have completed over the past two days. They might be a little grumpier than usual and may not feel like sharing all of their experiences with you straight away. I advise you to leave the questions until tomorrow when they have recharged their batteries!

Please note, I personally inspected all of the bedrooms and lounge areas before leaving so I can assure you that the children haven’t left anything behind at the hostel. However, I cannot guarantee that all of their personal belongings made it into their own cases! Therefore, I ask you to please check your child’s case over the weekend and return any lost property to school on Monday. If your child is still missing something by Tuesday then let me know and I will investigate!

Well done for a great first school residential Year 2, you’re all superstars!



 Year 2 have had a fantastic first day! We arrived at the hostel nice and early so we had time to check out our rooms and choose our beds before heading out to our first activity. This first session was a Robin Hood tour around the forest which, of course, included a visit to the famous major oak tree.

 After enjoying our picnic back in the hostel, we went back outside and explored some medieval weapons. We also made time to play on the park and visit the gift the shop.

After a quick break in our bedrooms at the hostel, we went straight back out into the village of Edwinstowe to complete our Robin Hood Treasure Trail to find the location of the sword Robin had left for Maid Marian. We had certainly worked up an appetite and were more than ready for our tasty dinner!

After dinner, we got into our party clothes and enjoyed some disco dancing. We then calmed things down with a story in our pjs before going to bed. After 17,000 steps today, we were more than ready for a good sleep ready for another day of fun tomorrow