Assemblies at Woodstone


At Woodstone, we meet together each day for reflection and celebration.

Children are invited to participate, but are expected to be quiet, still and respectful at times of reflection during the assemblies. Our assemblies currently follow the following format:


The whole school meets together for the Headteacher assembly. The focus for these is usually based on one of the school values, one of our 'Character Muscles' or a specific theme such as Easter, Harvest, Diwali etc. Each month we also have a representative from Ravenstone Church deliver an assembly. These often take a look at stories from the Bible and may include songs and prayers.


On Tuesdays our teachers lead key stage assemblies. This enables us to deliver age specific themes e.g. E safety, behaviour or themes more suited to older/younger children.

On Wednesdays we meet for our singing/hymn assembly. These are led by Mrs Pimperton and another teacher. We sing new and traditional songs/hymns.

Again, the whole school meets together for the Deputy Headteacher's assembly. The focus for these is similar to the themes on a Monday.


Our Friday assembly is our Golden Book assembly. It includes the presentation of ‘Character Muscles’ certificates. The Golden Book is a special book kept by each teacher, in which they write down anybody who has demonstrated extra special work, effort or behaviour. These children share their accomplishments with the school and are awarded a certificate in the assembly.
We also recognise children's other achievements, such as sporting awards, dance or music exams etc. in these assemblies as well as celebrating two or three children from each class who have demonstrated 'impeccable behaviour' throughout the week. Parents are sometimes invited to join us for these assemblies, which take place from 9.00am. Keep an eye on the calendar on the website for dates for each class.