Our Curriculum

At Woodstone Community Primary School, our curriculum is not just about what children learn but also about who they become. We strive to nurture well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and values to excel in an ever-changing world and contribute positively to society now and in the future.

We have developed a unique, personalised curriculum that encompasses the essential components outlined in the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. Our curriculum is a reflection of our school's unique character and the community it serves. It not only celebrates the local community but also broadens the horizons of our children, exposing them to the wider world beyond their immediate surroundings. Our primary goal is to nurture learners who take pride in their school and community, embrace and welcome diverse cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles, and possess a deep understanding of the global context, equipping them for their future education and life journey.

 Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to foster children's appreciation of diversity and to celebrate the multicultural world in which we live. We incorporate authors, artists, musicians, and notable figures from a wide array of backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities into our curriculum as well as arrange visits to different places of worship, visits from people from range of different religions, backgrounds and cultures and a varied programme of educational trips and residential visits.

 Woodstone is located in a rural village and many of our children live within the village or the surrounding area. Through our curriculum, we aim to instill in children a strong sense of their local identity and their role within the community, while also providing them with a broader understanding of the world at large.

 Our curriculum is structured to give children the opportunity to explore individual subjects in a focused manner, enabling them to develop specific skills and knowledge within each subject's context. Additionally, when appropriate, we encourage cross-curricular learning, facilitating meaningful connections between concepts and real-life applications.

 At Woodstone, we understand that reading is the key to unlocking a brighter future, and our curriculum is woven with the golden thread of nurturing confident readers who have a profound passion for reading. We create opportunities to share stories, delve into captivating texts spanning diverse genres, authors, and styles, and encourage the sheer joy of reading at every possible opportunity.

 We have carefully mapped the knowledge and skills that children will gain each year and within each topic. These are linked to distinct knowledge categories, which children revisit regularly in new contexts. This approach helps children build a comprehensive understanding of each concept and promotes the acquisition of new knowledge in the future.

 Each unit is designed not only to enhance children’s knowledge and skills but also to enrich their vocabulary. The vocabulary associated with each topic is carefully planned to be progressive, contributing to the children’s grasp of the English language and fostering the acquisition of more sophisticated vocabulary as they progress through their educational journey.

 Outdoor education is a core component of our curriculum at Woodstone. All children participate in our Forest School programme and we take learning outdoors whenever possible. We are fortunate to have a large wooded area on site, equipped with an outdoor classroom, playhouse, fire circle, mud kitchen, and numerous spaces for children to engage in play and exploration. Our outdoor education programme nurtures a profound connection between our children and the natural world. Through hands-on activities, exploration, and guided experiences in our local woodlands, children develop curiosity, resilience, and a lifelong passion for learning, all while promoting environmental awareness and a strong sense of community among our children. Through these enriching experiences, our goal is to foster a deep connection with nature, encourage hands-on learning, and ignite a sense of adventure in our children.

 Our school curriculum is designed to be dynamic, adapting in response to the evolving landscape of world events. We believe in the importance of preparing our children to navigate an ever-shifting global context. By regularly revising our curriculum, we ensure that it remains relevant, responsive, and equips our young learners with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to engage with and contribute positively our world.

Miss Grace Clement

To find out more about our curriculum, please contact Grace Clement (Deputy Headteacher) via the school office