Yr REC 2019 - 2020

The Gingerbread Man

This week Reception have been thinking about the story of The Gingerbread Man. On Monday we had a delivery from the Gingerbread Man. He left us gingerbread biscuits for our snack and a letter which said: "I've left my friends for you to snack, but I'll bet you'll never get me back! Look for me where there are lots of books!". The Gingerbread Man left lots of other clues for us around the school and it took us a long time to find where he was hiding. Later in the week we also enjoyed baking our very own Gingerbread Men!
Creative Learning Services - Fossil / Mineral Art 
This afternoon Reception had a visit from the Creative Learning Services. We found out lots of interesting information about fossils and minerals. We were then given either a fossil or mineral to look at closely. We made pictures of them where we thought about the texture and colour of the different fossils and minerals.
World Book Day

Today we had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day. We spent time thinking about the story of `The Day the Crayons Quit'. We wrote sentences about the story. We also made teddy bear biscuits for our teddy bears picnic where we shared our stories with our friends.

Today we had some puppies come to visit us. We enjoyed watching them and asking lots of questions about how to look after them.

This afternoon Reception had lots of fun in the snow!
Airport trip

Today we had a fantastic time exploring the airport and finding out about all of the important jobs and roles which are carried out. We were able to go and explore the airport, spending time looking at the check in and arrival hall areas.
We had a special visit from two fire fighters who brought their fire engine. We were able to have a go at using the hose to shoot water and have a go at sitting in the drivers seat. We then spent the afternoon exploring the Minilands role play area.
Making Hot Air Ballons

Today we worked with a partner to design and make a hot air balloon. We started off by working with our partner to think about the different materials, colours and patterns we wanted to use to make our hot air balloon. Once we agreed on our design we started to make them. Penny worked well with her peer in order to make a beautiful hot air balloon. We then tested the hot air balloons by dropping them to see if they floated to the floor gently.
Cooking - Making Pancakes

Over the last couple of weeks the children have been making pancakes in our cooking room. They worked together to measure out ingredients, mix them together and cut and grate fruit to decorate their pancakes with.
Spring Term Newsletter

Here is our Reception Newsletter!
Christmas Party

Today Reception enjoyed their Christmas Party. Together we wore our elf hats, played lots of different party games and got to meet Santa!
Judo Session

This morning the children enjoyed having a go at some Judo moves. They learnt how to do a Judo hold and throw!
Elf on the Shelf

Today we introduced our class Elf! The children were very excited to read the letter he sent us.
Shape Hunt

This week we have been learning about different shapes. This afternoon we enjoyed exploring the school to see what shapes we could find.
Toasting Marshmallows

This morning we had lots of fun in the forest toasting marshmallows.
Seasonal Change - Autumn

This week we have started our new topic, Why do Squirrels Hide their Nuts? To introduce the topic we went for a seasonal walk where we looked out for signs and autumn as well as woodland animals. We also collected natural materials and used them to make artwork.
Visit from Andy Tooze

Today we had a visit from the poet Andy Tooze. Reception enjoyed joining in with actions and words in order to help Andy recite some of his poems.
Phonics in the Forest

This morning we went into the forest for our phonics lesson. We took our binoculars to help us to find lots of different phase 2 sounds. We marked off all the sounds which we found on our worksheet.
Mindfulness Day

Today we enjoyed working as a team for Mindfulness day. We worked together to pass the balloon around the classroom without it going onto the carpet. We also enjoyed watching bubbles float away outside.
Our Tiger Tea Party

This week we have been looking at the story of 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. We worked as a class to create decorations for our room. We designed table cloths and paper plates and then we spent time making our own sandwiches and fruit kebabs. We used our maths skills in order to create a repeating pattern with the fruit which is used. In the afternoon we had our tea party!
Forest School

Today we had a fantastic time exploring the woods for our first proper forest school session.
Phonics Meeting

Please see the slides from our phonics meeting today.
First Week at School

This week we have had lots of fun exploring the story of Supertato. We loved dressing up as superheroes, making our superveggies and saving the frozen carrots from the Evil Pea. Some of us made posters and letters to help everyone to find the Evil Pea.