Yr 6 2019 - 2020

World Book Day

For World Book Day this year we read the story 'The Day The Crayons Quit' which is a book about a boy called Duncan whose crayons write letters to him to tell them they quit! Following on from this, we had a problem in Year 6 because our chairs decided to quit and had written letters to the children to explain why they could no longer be their chairs. The children then had the task of writing letters back to their chairs, persuading them to come back to the classroom. If their letters weren't persuasive enough, they couldn't get their chairs back!
Junior Speak letter

Please find attached the letter about the children's half term homework: writing a speech about a subject that interests them.
3D circulatory systems

Today we put our DT skills to the test and created some 3D circulatory systems out of paper! We had to build the rib cage, the lungs, the bronchi and the heart separately and then assemble them together to create the whole system.
Dragon Eyes

This week it was National Harry Potter Book Day and so we created some work based on the dragons from the Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. All of the children created their own dragon character: they wrote descriptions of them, created pictures of them using different mediums and then went on to design and mold their dragon's eye out of clay. Take a look at their creations!
Making blood!

Today we made our own blood samples so we could take a closer look at its different properties. We used an empty plastic bottle as our blood vessel, cheerios (which had been dyed red) as the red blood cells, mini marshmallows as the white blood cells, water (dyed yellow) for the plasma and purple sprinkles as the platelets. It really helped us to understand what blood is made up of and why it is so important!
Ox Heart Dissection

This afternoon Year 6 had a fun afternoon being scientists and budding heart surgeons! They dissected some ox hearts to learn more about the structure of the heart and its importance in our circulatory system. Take a look at them in action...
Bloodheart My Choice Homework

Please find attached a copy of the My Choice homework for this term.
Booster Timetable Spring 1

Please see attached the letter sent out before Christmas detailing the Booster Sessions for this half term. The timetable for the sessions is in the letter. Thank you for returning the permission slips so promptly.

Today we were lucky enough to have a Judo expert come in and give the children a Judo taster session. They thoroughly enjoyed it!
S'mores in the forest!

For our last Forest School session, as a treat we ended the day with some delicious s'mores! The roasted their marshmallows over the open fire, squashed it between two biscuits and tucked in. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Evacuee Workshop

The children showed great interest in the artefacts Leicestershire Library Services brought in today. It has really bought the subject to life for us!
A Child's War

This half term we are very excited to be starting our new topic 'A Child's War'. Take a look to see what we will be doing!
Warning Zone

Today we went on a fantastic trip to Warning Zone in Leicester. It taught us all about how to be safe online and out in the real world! We learnt lots but also had lots of fun!
Woodland art sculptures

Today we went into the forest to get creative! We had looked at Surrealist art work in the classroom, particularly that by Salvador Dali, and then designed our own Surrealist sculptures using natural materials. We then went up to the forest to create them- take a look!
Just Enough Workshop

Today we were lucky enough to have a workshop from London come in to talk to us about the difficult subjects of terrorism and radicalisation. It is important that the children have an understanding about these topics and the presenter delivered key messages in a fun and relatable way.
Making periscopes!

Our science topic this half term is 'Light' and we have been learning all about how light is reflected and how it allows us to see things. To investigate this further, we have created our own periscopes- take a look!
Harry Potter art!

Over the last week we have looked at some art work in the style of Chuck Close, an American artist. The children had a section of a bigger piece of art to paint, focusing on the different colours they were using. When they we're all dry, I put them together to reveal the finished masterpiece- Harry Potter! We think we could sell it for a lot of money in a gallery- what do you think?
Gallery Rebels My Choice

Please see the attached letter for details of this half term's Gallery Rebels My Choice homework.
Autumn Welcome Letter

Information about our first term in Year 6.