Yr 5 2019 - 2020

Alchemy Island web map
Spring 1 & 2

Please find attached the web map for this term's ILP, Alchemy Island.
Spring letter
January 2020

Please find attached this term's information letter.
Stargazers web map
8th November

Please see the web map which shows all the themes and activities we will be covering this half term.
Stargazers homework
8th November

Please see the letter regarding this ILP's homework. The task is to compare two planets in the Solar System. Thank you.

We are learning to play basketball this half-term under the watchful eye of our SSP coach Mr Barrow. It's a great sport and lots of us are quite good already. Take a look at us in action!
Space Centre visit
5th November

We had a fantastic day at the National Space Centre and everyone learned lots about space and the world we live in. It was a brilliant way to begin our new ILP Stargazers, and who knows ... maybe the first step on someone's journey to becoming an astronaut! Take a look at the photos so you can enjoy what we saw and did too.
Egyptian workshop
12th September

Today we enjoyed an Egyptian workshop led by Creative Learning Services in school. The children had a fantastic time learning yet more fascinating facts about ancient Egypt, and enjoyed activities including solving a trading challenge, playing the game 'Mehen', role-playing a pharaoh's attempt to get to the afterlife and wrapping each other up as mummies! They worked hard, listened well and enjoyed sharing some of the new facts they'd learned in our discussion after lunch. Have a look at the photos to see what they got up to.
ILP homeowrk
9th September

Here is the letter for the ILP homework. Enjoy!
Play Coach training
3rd September

Today, Emilie and Kirsty from the School Sports Partnership came to teach Year 5 how to be 'Play Coaches'. After a session in the classroom discussing activity safety, behaviour and responsibility, the class moved into the cage to practise coaching (and playing!) a variety of games they can play with the younger children in school at break and lunch times. They all had a great time and worked well in their teams to pass the training with flying colours. They also discovered that it's hard work leading and demonstrating skills in PE and sports sessions ... as you can see from the final picture!
Pharaohs Web Map
29th August 2019

Pharaohs web map for the autumn term
Parent letter
29th August 2019

Autumn term parent letter