Yr 4 2019 - 2020

Science - circuits
October 19

We have now completed our work on electricity. We showed what we had learnt by investigating how to make our own switch to use in our circuits.
Forest Schools 2
October 10

In the forest we have continued our Roman themed activities. We have now also made clocks with Roman numerals, finished our marching camp and cooked Roman pancakes with dates and honey over the camp fire.
Parent letter
Autumn 19

Here is the information you will need about the autumn term.
September 19
My Choice - "I am Warrior".

Please complete an activity of your choice about the Romans in Britain. You could visit a museum, make an artefact, cook a Roman meal, do some research etc... Please make sure your work is nicely presented and is no longer than 2 pages.
To be handed in by Monday 21st October
I am Warrior curriculum map
Autumn 1

This is what we will be doing this half term.
Forest Schools
September 19

Our Forest Schools sessions have consolidated our classroom learning about the Romans. We have built a marching camp, made shelters, learnt how to light a fire, and made shields and coins out of mud.