Yr 2 2019 - 2020

Ravenstone model village
13th March 2020

We have enjoyed creating a model of Ravenstone village this week as part of our 'Street Detectives' topic. We used cardboard boxes and covered them in coloured paper then added the window and roof details. We then covered the base in green paper to look like fields. We used a map of Ravenstone to decide where all the different buildings needed to go and added cars and trees to our model. We enjoyed showing our model off to our parents during our Golden Book assembly.
World Book Day
5th March 2020

We had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day - look at our fabulous costumes!
Street Detectives
26th February 2020

We enjoyed a walk around Ravenstone village earlier in the week to kick off our 'Street Detectives' topic. We spotted lots of human features of our village and recorded where in the village they are.
Build a canal workshop
7th February 2020

We enjoyed a workshop from the canal and river trust this morning learning all about how canals were built and the different ways they helped to move goods and people around the country, as well as how we use canals today.
Forest School
6th February 2020

We enjoyed making natural paintbrushes using pine needles, building a raft for our team and testing out the strength of different stick bridges at Forest School today
Have a look at our finished artwork!
23rd January 2020

Have a look at our finished stormy seas artwork - we are so proud of it!
Stormy sea art afternoon
21st January 2020

We enjoyed an afternoon of developing lots of different art skills today. We are creating a piece of artwork inspired by a boat caught in stormy waves. We used watercolours, sponging and textured paint to create the different effects.
Forest School
16th January 2019

We enjoyed building a pirate ship in the woods at Forest School this afternoon, as well as practising grouping objects using pine cones.
Ellen MacArthur news bulletin
13th January 2020

This afternoon we have been learning about the famous yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur, who is the record holder for the fastest person to sail solo around the world. We learnt all about her story, then worked in teams to create a news report all about her and her achievements and presented these to the class.
Making boats
10th January 2020

We enjoyed our D&T lesson this afternoon designing and making boats out of different materials. We thought carefully about the properties of each material and which would be best suited to float on the water and carry cargo. We then tested our boats, giving them a rating out of 5.
Christmas Party!
18th December 2019

We had a fantastic Christmas party this afternoon! We enjoyed a party lunch and a visit from Santa, then played games in the classroom and in the woods!
Christmas Dinner Day
11th December 2019

We enjoyed our Christmas lunch today!
Judo workshop
3rd December 2019

We enjoyed our Judo workshop this morning, learning some different Judo holds and throws!
Making Christmas cakes
27th November 2019

We have enjoyed baking and decorating Christmas cakes with Mrs Hickin over the past few weeks. Don't they look fantastic?!
Skittle Patterns!
20th November 2019

We have been looking at the process of dissolving this week. We used what we had learnt to create these fantastic patterns by dissolving the coloured sugar shell on Skittles!
Investigating melting chocolate
18th November 2019

We had a very messy afternoon investigating how quickly different types of chocolate melt. We melted each type of chocolate between our hands and timed how long it took. We found out that white chocolate melts the quickest because it has the least amount of cocoa and dark chocolate has the highest cocoa content so melts the slowest.
Pedestrian Training
12th November 2019

We enjoyed our 'Pedestrian Training' workshop today with our visitor Tom. We learnt lots about how to keep safe when crossing or walking near the road.
Where does our food come from?
11th November 2019

We enjoyed tasting some different fruits from around the world today. We described the different flavours then found out where the fruits had come from. We found out that lots of our fruit is imported from other countries. The distance it has travelled is is called the 'food miles'.
Pop Art Woodstone!
8th November 2019

This afternoon we've been working hard to create a piece of artwork inspired by the Pop Artist Andy Warhol. We've re-invented our Woodstone logo using bright bold colours. We can't wait to see the result when they're all put together!
Bonfire Forest School
7th November 2019

We enjoyed some bonfire activities at Forest School today including sparklers and leaf art fireworks using the colourful Autumn leaves!
Making lava lamps
1st November 2019

This afternoon we have been making lava lamps as part of our Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic. We mixed oil and water with food colouring, then added salt to give the lava lamp effect!
Leaf Rangoli patterns
31st October 2019

We have been learning about the festival of Diwali this week and made some Rangoli patterns using leaves during our Forest School session. We thought carefully about the different Autumn colours we could use.
Investigating our senses
25th October 2019

We have been re-visiting our senses this afternoon. We took part in different activities using all 5 of them to taste, feel, hear, see and smell different things.
Marble painting
23rd October 2019

We've had a great afternoon starting our new topic 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures'! We learnt about the differences between solids, liquids and gases and carried out an experiment where we learnt that oil and water do not mix - the oil floats on top of the water. We used this scientific knowledge to help us with our art activity where we mixed food colouring and oil and dropped this into water. The oily colouring floats on top of the water and when a piece of paper is placed on top it soaks up the colour and creates a marble effect. Here is some of our artwork!
Multi-sports festival
9th October 2019

We had a great time at our Multi-sports festival! We practised lots of P.E. skills and enjoyed working with children from other schools too. We showed great teamwork and sportsmanship.
Spaghetti bridges!
1st October 2019

We have been learning about the famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel this week. We looked at some of his famous structures and about the important job engineers do. We then took on the 'Spaghetti Bridges' challenge. We had to design and build a bridge using only spaghetti that held at least 200g. We did a great job - some bridges held up to 1kg!
26th September 2019

We have been investigating tessellation in Maths this morning. We looked at some different 2D shapes to see which ones fitted together without any gaps in between and which ones didn't. We found out that the shapes with straight sides tessellate and those with curved sides do not.
26th September 2019

We have enjoyed creating newspaper reports all about Rapunzel's wedding day over the past few lessons. Today we finished them, then we had a go at being newsreaders. We watched Newsround to pick up some tips and set up a studio in our classroom. We read confidently and fluently - well done Year 2!
British Values - What are laws?
25th September 2019

This morning we have been thinking about the British Value of 'The Rule of Law'. We talked about the difference between rules and laws and what this means in our country. We then set up a court room in our classroom. We read through some different scenarios and our judge read out the punishment. We had to decide whether this punishment was fair or not and give a reason why.
Towers in our local area
23rd September 2019

We have been learning about Coalville Memorial Clock Tower this afternoon. It was built in 1925 and is made of 54,000 bricks! We worked in pairs to build models of the tower out of cardboard, or collaged a picture using sugar paper.
17th September 2019

We enjoyed watching Newsround this morning and reading the newspaper as part of our English work. We will be writing newspaper reports about Rapunzel's rescue from the tower later on this week.
Junk model castles
10th September 2019

We had a fantastic D&T afternoon building castles out of junk modelling materials and covering them in paper mache. We are looking forward to painting them and adding the finishing touches next week!
Testing our teamwork!
4th September 2019

We have enjoyed building lots of different types of castles using the building bricks. We have had to work together, negotiate and think creatively to make sure we have included all the key features.