Yr 1 2019 - 2020

Star Constellations

Year 1 had a go at making star constellations using edible resources. They soon worked out that if they make the bigger constellations, they have more marshmallows to eat afterwards!
Team Games

Year 1 had their first PE lesson of their Team Games Unit with Mr Barrow today :)
Forest School 2020

Our First Forest School session in 2020 today! We had a great time making own star constellations using natural materials and Alien faces using mud. We also had a go at during the other half of leaves by looking carefully at the patterns.
Wonder Dome

Year 1 enjoyed our inspiration day for our new Moon Zoom topic. After doing some astronaut training, we zoomed to the moon in this fantastic Space Wonder Dome!
Moon Zoom My Choice

This homework is due on on Thursday 26th March. Thank you.
Phonics with Parents

Thank you to all the parents who came to our phonics morning :)

We worked on some basic rolls and balancing on different body parts today.

We have been learning to recognise, order and count coins over the past couple of weeks. Today we had a go at subtraction using coins. We took it in turn to be shopkeepers and customers.
Story Stepping

After making a story map to retell the story of 'The Tiger who came to Tea', Year One had a go at story stepping :)
Christmas Party
13.12. 2019

We made brilliant reindeer hats to wear whilst eating our Christmas party lunch. We enjoyed playing lots of games and winning lots of prizes in the afternoon. We also had a very special visitor in the afternoon - Santa Claus!
(sorry about the quality of the Grotto photos)
My Choice - Paws, Claws and Whiskers

My Choice Homework is due in on Thursday 6th February please.
Welcome Back Letter

Happy New Year!
Christmas Lunch

Year 1 enjoyed a tasty Christmas lunch and enjoyed pulling their handmade Christmas crackers!
Decorating Biscuits

Year 1 have spent the morning decorating biscuits ready for our class game prize at the Christmas fayre :)
Children in Need and MDUK

We enjoyed doing our usual 'Wake and Shake' in our costumes this morning.
We also enjoyed adding our coins to the coin trail to see how many 'Metres of Money' we could make for Muscular Dystrophy. We even managed to squeeze some maths into our day by collecting in all the coins and sorted them into correct tubs!
We made 285 metres of money!
What a fantastic day :)
Pedestrian Workshop

This morning Year One enjoyed our pedestrian workshop. We learnt about road safety and particularly, how to cross roads safely. The children enjoyed pretending be traffic, pedestrians and lollipop ladies and men.
The gentleman delivering the course was very complimentary about the children's behaviour and said it was the best Year 1 class he had worked with! It was lovely to see the children working as a team to solve problems. Well done Year One, you did us proud :)
Traffic Survey

To celebrate national outdoor celebration day, we took our maths lesson outside today and completed a road traffic survey.
Taste Testing

Today we tried four different types of food and decided if they were sweet, salty, bitter and sour. We then tried the same foods again but holding our noses to investigate if our sense of smell helps us to taste.
Multi-Skills Festival

Year 1 had a great afternoon out at the Multi-Skills Festivals. They worked really well with children from other schools, displaying great teamwork and communication skills.
Toasting Marshmallows

We toasting marshmallows on the fire in the woods today. We also made broomsticks to play with in the woodland house, potions inspired by Harry Potter and pumpkin animals
Superhero Visit

Today we were visited by two real life superheroes! Two very friendly police officers came in to Year One to talk to us all about their job as real life superheroes. The children enjoyed asking lots of questions (mostly around what they ate or the work they do in water!). They had the opportunity to try on some of their uniform, looked at their equipment and even sit in their police car - very exciting! A fantastic morning :) A big thank you to Harriet's parents for organising this brilliant experience for us.
My Choice - Superheroes

Please see My Choice homework attached.
Our Super Body

We continued our work on our 'super bodies' in our science lessons this afternoon. We enjoyed labeling our body parts :)
Senses Walk

Today we have been learning about our 'super senses'. We went on a walk, using or senses, to explore the world around us. We recorded the things we could see, touch, smell, hear and even taste!
British Values Day

To celebrate British Values Day, Year One spent the morning learning about `respect'. We read the story of Elma which helped us to recognise that we are all different in many ways and that is what makes us unique. We respect each other's similarities and differences.
My Choice Display

Well done for all your hard work at home Year One. I'm sure you'll agree that our My Choice display looks amazing!
Andy Tooze Poetry

Year 1 were really inspired by poet 'Andy Tooze' today. We enjoyed listening and joining in with his poems in our poetry session.

Year One enjoyed their cooking session with Mrs Hickin. We hope you enjoyed tasting their delicious fish burgers in the shape of a dinosaur!
Dinosaur Workshop

Year One enjoyed being Paleontologists this morning in our dinosaur workshop.
Forest School

We have been busy in the woods today! We used loppers to cut down the branches that were hanging over our cross country trails. We made letters using natural materials which is going to make a beautiful alphabet display in our classroom. We also had lots of fun rope climbing from tree to tree!
Mindfulness Day

We celebrated Mindfulness Day today by doing some high five breathing and yoga. We also did some pineapple tasting after our 'survey of the week' revealed some children had not tried it before. We focused on the smell, taste and texture of the fruit.
Dinosaur Poo!
After lunch today, we were very surprised to discover some dinosaur poo in our classroom! We used tools (like paleontologists do) to see what we could find in the poo to work out if the dinosaurs next to the poo were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. We then introduced a venn diagram and sorted pictures of dinosaurs into the correct group based on what they ate.
Phonics Meeting

Please see the slides from our Phonics meeting today :)
Welcome Meeting

Please see the Powerpoint from our welcome meeting.

Today we learnt about how we know so much about dinosaurs - through fossils! We talked about how fossils are formed and we learnt about a famous fossil hunter 'Mary Anning'. We then made our own fossils using salt dough and plastic dinosaurs. Alongside this activity, we had a go at cutting out parts of dinosaurs and sticking them together in the correct places. What a fun afternoon!
The Body Coach

We like to get our bodies moving after our phonics lessons and we know that exercise is great for our physical and mental well-being. Today we tried something a little bit different from our normal 'Wake and Shake' routines, we attempted to do a '5-Minute Move' session with 'The Body Coach' instead. It wasn't easy and we found ourselves counting down from 10 after each exercise as we were ready for our 20 second break but we it was great fun and can't wait to have a go at one of his other sessions :)

Year one enjoyed learning some ball skills in their second session with our sports coach 'Mr Barrow'.
Dinosaur Display

Check out our dinosaur display with our fantastic collage pictures!
Dinosaur collage pictures

We had a fun afternoon creating collage pictures to show what the world looked like when dinosaurs were alive!
Our First Sorest School Session

We enjoyed our first Forest School session in Year One today. We made some lovely bird feeders, creative self-portraits using natural resources and we did some hammering to make patterns on blocks.
Phonics Letter

Please find a copy of the phonics meeting letter attached.
Welcome Letter
Please see Year One welcome letter attached.