Maths Curriculum

Maths Calculation Policy

Here is our calculation policy. We follow Abacus with a few tweaks to ensure progression and consistency.
Reception Maths Parent Workshop

Here are the slides from our Maths Parent Workshop, focusing on transition to Year 1 and ways to help your child at home.
Multiplication Challenge 2020

Why not go the extra mile and learn your times tables in 2020
Maths help videos
September 2020
Try these videos to help with written and mental calculations
Written Division
Mental Division
Written Multiplication
Mental Multiplication
Mental Division - help for Years 1 & 2
Mental Multiplication - help for Years 1 & 2
Written subtraction
Mental Subtraction
Written Addition
Mental Addition
Mental Addition - help for Years 1 & 2
Mental Subtraction - help for Years 1 & 2